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Pigma Micron Fine Line Pens
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Pigma Micron Fine Line Pens

We offer you quality Fine Line Pens – Pigma Micron Pens. Fine line pens offered by us are mainly used in illustrating, drafting, drawing and writing.
Pigma Micron Pen
We offer you quality Fine Line Pens- Pigma Micron Pens. Fine line pens offered by us are mainly used in illustrating, drafting, drawing and writing. Pigma Micron Fine Line Pens are acid free, have neutral pH value, permanent, waterproof and injected with quick dry pigment.

  • Available in different colors in 7 points-0.005 with 0.2 mm tip ( in 8 colors), .01with 0.25 mm tip( in 9 colors) ,.02 with 0.3 mm tip ( in 4 colors), .03 with 0.35 mm tip ( in 4 colors), .04 with 0.4 mm tip ( in 4 colors) , .05 with 0.45 mm tip ( in 9 colors) and .08 with 0.5 mm tip ( in 4 colors)

  • Chemically stable, waterproof, and fade resistant.
  • No smears /feathers, or bleed-through on most papers Ideal for use in acid-free environments .
  • Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards.

  • Multi-purpose pen with the unique, long lasting archival Pigma ink.
  • Ideal for precision and permanence
  • Popular with artists, writers, and illustrators to convey their personality, style, or ability, and to safeguard their work with the lasting quality of Pigma ink.
  • Ideal for fine-point technical drafting, artistic applications and preservation.
  • Used and recommended by anthropologists/entomologists, scientists/archivists/architects, and professional diamond cutters; cartoonists/Manga and Anime artists /illustrators /heirloom quilters and decorative fabric artists

Pigma Micron Pen

Competitive Edge of Pigma
Feature Pigma Micron Competitor Brand
Water & fade proof Yes Yes
Chemical proof Yes No
Range of line width 12 including brush & Calligrapher 12, but no brush tip pens
Variety of colors 75 31

Item No Description Color MRP in Indian Rs25%
XSDK-005#5 Pigma Micron-005 Orange 90.00
XSDK-005#12 Pigma Micron-005 Brown 90.00
XSDK-005#19 Pigma Micron-005 Red 90.00
XSDK-005#21 Pigma Micron-005 Pink 90.00
XSDK-005#24 Pigma Micron-005 Purple 90.00
XSDK-005#29 Pigma Micron-005 Green 90.00
XSDK-005#36 Pigma Micron-005 Blue 90.00
XSDK-005#49 Pigma Micron-005 Black 90.00
XSDK-02#49 Pigma Micron-02 Black 80.00
XSDK-01#12 Pigma Micron-01 Brown 80.00
XSDK-01#19 Pigma Micron-01 Red 80.00
XSDK-01#21 Pigma Micron-01 Pink 80.00
XSDK-01#24 Pigma Micron-01 Purple 80.00
XSDK-01#29 Pigma Micron-01 Green 80.00
XSDK-01#36 Pigma Micron-01 Blue 80.00
XSDK-01#49 Pigma Micron-01 Black 80.00
XSDK-01#117 Pigma Micron-01 Sepia 80.00
XSDK-02#19 Pigma Micron-02 Red 80.00
XSDK-02#29 Pigma Micron-02 Green 80.00
XSDK-02#36 Pigma Micron-02 Blue 80.00
XSDK-02#49 Pigma Micron-02 Black 80.00
XSDK-03#19 Pigma Micron-03 Red 80.00
XSDK-03#29 Pigma Micron-03 Green 80.00
XSDK-03#36 Pigma Micron-03 Blue 80.00
XSDK-03#49 Pigma Micron-03 Black 80.00
XSDK-04#19 Pigma Micron-04 Red 80.00
XSDK-04#29 Pigma Micron-04 Green 80.00
XSDK-04#36 Pigma Micron-04 Blue 80.00
XSDK-04#49 Pigma Micron-04 Black 80.00
XSDK-05#5 Pigma Micron-05 Orange 80.00
XSDK-05#12 Pigma Micron-05 Brown 80.00
XSDK-05#19 Pigma Micron-05 Red 80.00
XSDK-05#21 Pigma Micron-05 Pink 80.00
XSDK-05#24 Pigma Micron-05 Purple 80.00
XSDK-05#29 Pigma Micron-05 Green 80.00
XSDK-05#36 Pigma Micron-05 Blue 80.00
XSDK-05#36 Pigma Micron-05 Black 80.00
XSDK-05#117 Pigma Micron-05 Sepia 80.00
XSDK-08#19 Pigma Micron-08 Red 80.00
XSDK-08#29 Pigma Micron-08 Green 80.00
XSDK-08#36 Pigma Micron-08 Blue 80.00
XSDK-08#49 Pigma Micron-08 Black 80.00

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