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Gelly Roll Metallic
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Gelly Roll Metallic

Our stringent testing norms of the products to meet international standards allow us to bring safe and non-toxic Gel Pens - Gelly Roll Metallic.
Gelly Roll Metallic
Our stringent testing norms of the Metallic Pens to meet international standards allow us to bring safe and non-toxic Gel Pens - Gelly Roll Metallic. A product from Sakura color products these metallic gel pens are ball point pens. To ensure unique shiny bright metallic letters you are at the best destination. Metallic gelly roll pens are meant for writing on the light as well as dark papers. With our range of metallic gel pens you can add energy to your hand written documents. The ink flows through the roller ball with quick dry ink pigment. These metallic pens are available in fourteen different shades.
  • Available as Roller-ball pens in 14 colors—in fine point, both singly and in a pack of 10 colors
  • Water based gel ink, acid free, water, fade and chemical proof
  • Archival quality ink, no smears, feathers, or bleed-through on most papers.
  • Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards

  • The metallic colors give a pearly shine and the flow is smooth as silk.
  • Personalise your greetings, invitations and signatures and let your writing stand out
  • Write and decorate light and dark surfaces and work effortlessly on glossy and matte surfaces.
  • Use for writing, art and craft , card making and decorating

Gelly Roll Metallic

Item No Description Color MRP in Indian Rs
XPGB-M#517 Gelly Roll Metallic Metallic sepia 40.00
XPGB-M#519 Gelly Roll Metallic Metallic red 40.00
XPGB-M#520 Gelly Roll Metallic Metallic pink 40.00
XPGB-M#522 Gelly Roll Metallic Metallic burgundy 40.00
XPGB-M#524 Gelly Roll Metallic Metallic purple 40.00
XPGB-M#526 Gelly Roll Metallic Metallic emerald 40.00
XPGB-M#529 Gelly Roll Metallic Metallic green 40.00
XPGB-M#530 Gelly Roll Metallic Metallic hunter green 40.00
XPGB-M#536 Gelly Roll Metallic Metallic blue 40.00
XPGB-M#543 Gelly Roll Metallic Metallic blue black 40.00
XPGB-M#549 Gelly Roll Metallic Metallic black 40.00
XPGB-M#551 Gelly Roll Metallic Gold 40.00
XPGB-M#553 Gelly Roll Metallic Silver 40.00
XPGB-M#554 Gelly Roll Metallic Copper 40.00
GR Metallic Set Gelly Roll Metallic Set of 10 Assorted 400.00

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